Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wacom announces it's new Cintiq

The 24HD is three inches bigger than last year's Cintiq 21UX, covers a greater color gamut at 92 percent of Adobe RGB, and costs $500 more. But again, none of this really explains how outlandish the 24HD really is: at 65 pounds thanks to huge bezels for resting your elbows on and housing large scroll-wheel controls, as well as a sturdy spring-loaded base that lets you work in a myriad of positions.

The H-IPS panel might not sound that special on paper -- 1920 x 1200 resolution, 550:1 contrast, 178 degree viewing angle -- but those specs overlook the gentle matte quality of the anti-glare display, which is clearly designed to be stared at closely for hours on end.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Autodesk Photofly

Autodesk is offering free access to Project Photofly.
Project Photofly 2.0, which is currently available via Autodesk’s R&D site, Autodesk Labs, enables users to turn uploaded reference photos into downloadable 3D models.
The service, which is still officially a ‘technology preview’ will remain live until the end of 2012.
Project Photofly, developed by the same team that created Realiviz’s ImageModeler software, has been available since last summer, but did not generate meshes until the latest update.
For more information, visit Autodesk's Project Photofly website.


From Cinefex:

“We’ve just received the sad news that Kerner Optical has closed for business. Kerner had its origin in the fabled model shop of Industrial Light & Magic, spinning off — after 30 years of stellar work — into a separate modelmaking entity when Lucas opted to shutter the ILM model shop in 2006. After struggling for some time, Kerner finally succumbed to the harsh economy and the industry’s waning interest in miniature work. End of an era.”

Indeed. The astounding work produced at the ILM Model Shop and it's last incarnation as Kerner Optical has paved the way to modern film-making and influenced generations of moviegoers and industry professionals.
Would ILM suffer the same tragic fate?...

Here is the farewell letter posted in their website.