Tuesday, December 12, 2006

From clay, to clay...

Yeah!... After too long a while I've decided to get back to sculpting!
Since I was a kid, modeling with plastiline or clay has always been great fun, and a way to ease my mind of anything other than the tips of my fingers. :)

I've been wishing to get back to it after I took a brief course at Israel Kislansky's atelier here in São Paulo.
So we set up a group of 6 friends from work, taking one four-hour class a week with Israel. Those four hours FLY! Heheh
It's amazing how we get immersed in the work!

We are currently focusing on blocking and structuring the pose. Specially the torso and legs.
There's a model (Denise) who poses for us during the classes, and we average 3 to 4 different poses each day.
We use Israel's techniques for blocking and establishing the initial volumes and go from there. He follows each one's progress, bringing our attention to the details we tend to miss - especially in this initial stage were we tend to "loose our minds" on the details and sometimes forget the "big picture". Hehe...

I strongly suggest everyone should try this. I fing it quite therapeutic, and for those who work with animation, 3D and all these sorts of things, it's great for training your eyes and sense of space and volumetry.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Not-So-Straight Line...

Straight Line Designs is a furniture company created by Canadian designer Judson Beaumont.

"Jud" creates exhibits, play areas, and special environment design projects.

He has showcased his work on many trade shows and galleries, and now his unusual furniture designs can be viewed over the web!
The designs are limited-edition furniture pieces like cabinets, beds and couches that seem to have come straight from Toon Town!

The "Bad Table" piece, showing a regular center table peeing as a dog would be a hilarious addition to any living room!

Great stuff for the kid's bedroom, or even YOURS! (If you dare to let people know of your love for cartoony stuff! Heheh)